Young Horse Diary: Ways out of work for the average youngster

Good Day my avid readers,

I wanted to tell my fellow youngsters or horses in general that I have finally found the answer to life! The way to get out of working for THE MAN, or in my case woman. If you dedicate yourself to the ways of this post you to will be out of work and being handed treats by those feeling sorry for you. Looking pathetic is the number one key to receiving items such as treats from humans.

Image result for horse faking injury

The Keys to successfully never working again is simple and easy.

Step 1: Review what your end result will be and how long you would like to dedicate to this process

Step 2: Discuss with fellow Equine members about what they have done in the past, Do your research

Step 3: Decide how dedicated you are, Pain is success

Step 4: Game plan time! Decide how you would like to injure yourself. It could be with a gate, post, jump, other horse, rock, ect. You name it, you can find a way to hurt yourself with it.

Step 5: Prepare for the pain. Its going to hurt either a little or a lot. Your choice. More it hurts the longer you can hold out on work.

Step 6: Now that the plan in complete milk how hurt you are and look really pathetic. Treats will follow because they will feel bad as well as time grazing.

Step 7: Continue to find new ways to hurt yourself until they want to kill you from vet bills and/or bubble wrap you or they catch on to what you are doing.

Step 8: Once you start working again act like a complete lunatic and blame in on the fact you had lots of time off.

I hope I have been of some assistance to my fellow equine counter parts. Please note that this is a process you must be dedicated to. You may always ask a fellow equine to kick you or simply trip while trotting which will cause wide guilt and panic. For more information you may visit me directly at Bay Valley Stable, back barn stall 4 on the left.

All injuries or results may depend on dedication and owner.

Thanks for reading.

Cruz, The wonder horse





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