Young Horse Diary: Meeting my new family

I wanted to start out with telling you a little about myself. My name is Cruz or if I am getting yelled at or highly praised its All About Cruzin. Which if we are all being honest here I do live up to my name. It really is all about me. I started my life Pre-Mom with a family in Beloit, IL. And then came the day that this crazy short lady walked into my life and turned it all upside down. I was plenty happy to live in my house and go to turn out in the field with my friends. One day my family took me out of my stall and these people looked me all up and down touching me all over and then making me trot up and down the barn. Even making me work in the arena! Can you believe that we just meet and you want me to work and not even reward me with cookies. The people left and then next thing I know everything changes.

I don’t look good with pillows on.


The lady came back again with a big fancy horse box. Not only that but she wrapped my legs with these funky wraps and made me look like I was wearing pillows on my legs. From what I hear it’s a thing that crazy parents do when they are worried about their children. Let me tell you I was in no way thrilled to have them on. Not only that but she loads me in this magic horse box and drives me hours away. I was thrilled to get out of the trailer. Those things are not the best thing when you are in there alone.

I then got to see my first of new homes and meet my new brother. Who let me tell you was not very brotherly with my young yearly perspective. All I wanted to do was sniff and play and all this guy wanted to do was make angry faces at me and tell me I was the one stealing all the attention. What a load of horse manure that statement is. Though I did have to admit he does look a little bit like me but I’m not sure how with his age.

I don’t see how we could be brothers.


Not only did this new lady (soon I will call her mom) bring me to a new place, dump me off with this grumpy old guy (Sonny), but she wouldn’t let me do much besides work! I learned to lunge in a rig and OMG have to be ponied. I really did sort of enjoy that because I got to meet new friends. I went on trail walks with the grumpy guy and let me tell you, he’s a giant chicken about the weirdest things.   She taught me to do all sorts of things like driving and napping. She sometimes hops on my back and sits on me and pats my neck and makes weird “Good Boooooyyyy” noises at me. Not sure what that’s all about. Sometimes she is very embarrassing and makes me look like a baby in front of others.

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Not only is Mom crazy but then she packs up brother and I to move to a different place. Let me tell you I was glad he went into the big scary box first. Once we arrive we get thrown into our own field and I start to like to old crabby man called my brother. I think both of us are starting to find each others company a little better. And I will admit he has some good advise. Mom started riding me and making me work. Sometimes she puts different outfits on my and I’m not sure I like the big heavy one. Apparently that is called western. A lot of my time until after my birthday “Horray I’m finally TWO” was spent hanging out eating grass with brother. And now I get to go in the magic box and walk different trails with some of the other horses. I’m sure being a baby with a crazy mom is normal but I guess we will have to wait and see.

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