The mystery wound of Cruz: Updated

**Graphic Photos**

June 19th, 2017– I received a call at around 12:30 pm saying that Cruz had a major gash in him and that they vet should be called. Of course being the paranoid piss poor horse woman I am I decided to leave work for the day and go take a look at it. I walked in spoke to Tracy for a few minutes while heading straight for the worried little monster. What I came to find shocked me to say the least.

His wound is about three inches down and five to six inches across spanning about the size of my hand. Now it is not for the faint of hearts. He cut the skin, blood vessels, and hair completely off from the muscle and tendon. In saying that I could not be more proud of how he handled the entirety of the following events. IMG_5904.JPG

We proceeded to consult with the vet to see what would need to be done with the extra flap of skin as well as the wound itself. We were advised that they would not be able to save the skin but cut it off to help prevent infection. The skin was removed after cleaning the wound with betadine solution and giving Ace, Bute, and a good old fashion bailing twine twitch.

The skin was removed and the wound cleaned a second time. We cold hosed the wound to bring down major swelling in the leg and around the open muscle. We allowed the betadine to set in and begin working. We also applied Vetericyn Wound & Infection Treatment as well as basic ointment for wounds. We then covered with 4×4 gauze pads covering the top and side with duck tape.  

Cruz was also given Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim Tablets (SMZ) twice a day for 7 days. SMZ’s will help prevent infection from the inside out and the Betadine scrub prevents infection from the outside in allowing time for the wound to begin healing. IMG_5923.JPG

June 20, 2017– I went out on my lunch hour to allow time for Cruz to walk around and check his wound and dressing which had recently been changed. Later that evening I allowed him out in the round pen while taking care of the barn and horses. I addressed his wound which looked much cleaner. It was thoroughly scrubbed and I mean scrubbed with betadine solution. The leg below was rinsed away the betadine stain on his legs. We allowed the betadine to stay on the wound. More vetericyn was applied and the wound left open without bandage. Prior to leaving another  dose of vetericyn was applied and the wound left open.

June 21, 2017- Out after work today and was not only disappointed but very upset in FullSizeRender.jpgwhat I found. Leaving the bandage off was a horrible idea to follow. The wound had become overly try and the muscle began to split. No photos were taken. Wound was cleaned, medicated, packed with medication and rewrapped. Packing and medicating again at 7:30pm as well to help prevent drying of the wound. Because of cleaning and cold hosing of the wound a high amounts of moisture in the air the hair around was to wet to hold bandage on well. Improvisions were made to keep bandage on. Cruz was highly agitated as he was separated from Sonny for an hour lesson. Bandage came off and needed repacked and applied. Second bandage stayed on better. Picture of first bandage. Mental note to self to not ever let a horse get a wound in this area of the body ever again. We have also started dissolving medication to make sure all is taken. Later that evening while reading a horse care book I came across a photo of almost identical wound but no more was said or pictured about it within book pages. *Horses maybe the death of me*IMG_5936.JPG

June 22, 2017– Wound looks to be healing much better than expected. Drainage is occurring which often times makes the wound look nasty. Cruz has also begun itching it which is a huge sign of healing and repair. Pink and rounding skin is making a wonderful sign. We continue to give antibiotics as well as cold hose, scrub and clean with Betadine, as well as medicate and bandage. Granulated tissue is beginning so the need to scrub harder to reduce will begin soon. As you can see it is a major improvement from day 1. Blood vessels are also starting to form as can be seen in the photo. Very excited to be seeing progress. He seems to be feeling better as he has begun trotting around on his short turnout on grass.IMG_5942.JPG

June 23, 2017– Wound is coming along much nicer today lots of pink tissues. No photos from today we continue to treat as normal and see that he is becoming a lot more energetic in the way he acts in turn out.

June 24, 2017– Blood vessels can be seen starting to grow back much faster now. He has becoming a lot more sensitive and now must be restrained to be treated. Treatment continues as normal. He is continuing to show that he is becoming more wild and energetic by leaping and bucking in turn out and running before quietly eating grass. The wound edges are beginning to round very quickly to become softer. IMG_5956.JPG

June 25, 2017– Cruz was well behaved for those who treated him today as I was out of town do to another family matter. He seems to be getting more agitated with the healing process either because of the itch of healing or his super amount of new nerve endings and blood vessels. Unsure if the blood is due to rubbing his wound or if that is what the wound is doing on its own.  The wound looks to becoming less deep in the puncture wound section. High amounts of granulation and skin are beginning to develop. The worry is that proud flesh will begin before the skin fully develops over. As you can see blood flow is coming along great. The small muscle flap is also becoming smaller. We will continue to keep him on antibiotics I think for a few more days as we battle out the puncture and proud flesh.

June 26, 2017– Wound looks 100 times better than I expected it to. Its like one dayIMG_5993.JPG away from seeing it caused a huge change. Another vet looked at it today and was amazed by how much damage was done by such a little metal object. She said we are doing great to continue what we are doing with medication. This morning was his last time on antibiotics so we are discontinuing that but keeping with the Bute until he feels a little less pain. *I also just realized trying to type with my watch on hole 2 instead of 3 is a really bad idea* The wound is becoming smaller as well as more clean and round. The vet advised to keep scrubbing it to reduce scare tissue build up which will cause a really ugly scar. The puncture is becoming less deep which looks really good to me. Cruz was wonderful about letting me clean and medicate it. *Photo post Betadine*IMG_6012.JPG

June 27-29, 2017– Wound is improving by leaps and bounds. The banche is feeling much better and is enjoying running, bucking, and leaping in turn out now. Clearly from the way this photo was taken he does not want to be photographed any longer. Tonight will be my last night caring for him before I go on vacation until July 4th. I am hoping nothing goes wrong and great care is being taken of him by those looking after him. He is drinking mass amounts of water lately not sure due to medication or due to the heat. Will have updated photos once I return on the fourth and have looked him over. Scrubbing seems to be the best and worst part. Tape is becoming harder and harder to stick to him.IMG_6048.JPG

June 30- July 5, 2017– The wound has dropped to half the size in the days I was gone. Amazing care was given by those taking care of him. He has continued to be wild with stall confinement. I believe he will now be ready to begin nightly turnout and lunging once again. A layer of skin has begun to grow over and he is no longer keeping bandages on. I am amazed by the mass amount of progress.




Cruz would like everyone to know that he healed with little to no mark from his shenanigans. If you run your finger over the hair you can feel the scar but to the naked eye you see nothing 🙂FullSizeRender (1)


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