A weekend short trip

As we set out this morning on a trail ride with all the girls from the barn I had a lot on my mind as what all it takes to have a safe and decent trail ride. So I put something together that is very short. Part of this is probably me being a very type A personality. I don’t do many things without planning and lists I just don’t because it makes me feel a little better. So in preparing for this trail ride I wanted to look into a few things.

  1. Looking into the weather for the day. I never want to be surprised by the weather out in the middle of a trail.
  2. Speak to those who are going and make sure all plans are made. No one likes to show up and no one else be there.
    1. Always ride with someone else! It is very unsafe to ride alone on trails because something may spook your horse and leave you alone hurt.
  3. Check that both truck and trailer are working properly a day or so prior. Always check for pesky insects inside the trailer that should not belong. (no horse likes to be stung in a trailer)
    1. Hay nets filled and ready to go
    2. Locks for trailer with keys
  4. Make a list of all things needed for the ride.
    1. Saddle and bridle
    2. Boots and protective gear
    3. Water bottle
    4. Cell phone
    5. Halters and lead ropes
    6. Fly Spray and bug spray
    7. Emergency kit in the truck
    8. Helmets
    9. Appropriate riding attire
  5. Give yourself time to brush your horse prior to loading as well as protective boots the day of.
  6. Hook up trailer, load items needed.
  7. Double check the trailer lights and locks are working
  8. Load horses and head out
  9. Give yourself plenty of time so that you do not get in a hurry.
  10. Safety first.

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