The Basic Training Tools for Collection

Everyone speaks of dressage as boring and that it isn’t the building blocks of the riding that we do today. If you are looking to have a horse that is solid over the top line and strong in the hind quarter this is the building blocks to do so. To work up this pyramidImage result for dressage pyramid you must start with rhythm. If you horse cant trot of canter on a rhythm with energy and a tempo like a swinging movement then that is the first place to start. Suppleness is key number to where many can get hung up on. A horse must be able to stretch over many different ways. A stretch included lateral and longitudinal relaxation. Connection is number three which as explained below is being on the bit and accepting of the aids
while still being relaxed. An unrelaxed horse will be rigid hollow in the body which is opposite of number two. Impulsion is very important! You must have the building of energy and thrust like at any minute your horse could explode into an extended trot or canter. Straightness is not being crooked at the canter or trot such has cantering with the haunches in or out, or trotting with the shoulder in or out. Last is true collection! As seen you must have self carriage meaning the horse will not depend on his rider to carry him with their hands and lightness on the forehand with weight shifted to the hind end. Many different ways these can be achieved through riding or through work on a lunge line or even in hand. We will be continuing this with a follow up with a horses we will begin working with.



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