The Tuck for Helmets

The Why Before The HowImage result for horse show helmet hair

We all know the struggle of pushing long hair into a helmet and protecting against fly aways. Elegant, classic, and sophisticated hair is important when walking into the show ring. This look protects against many things such as fly aways and will help protect against improper helmet fit. If you place your helmet on with your hair under incorrectly your helmet will not properly protect your head. Please make sure your helmet allows for you to put your hair in the top. If you are like me you know the struggle of the helmet and the hair net. Here are a few tips and tricks to help get you looking professional fast.

What you will need

Hair net that matches your hair color ( I prefer old school with two knots)


Hair Tie

Bobby pins if needed

How to

Step 1
Cover your hair and ears with the hair net. Do so my securing the hair net a little more towards your nose and pulling tight against you hair.
Step 2
Secure the excess hair net into hair and make a pony tail. Using excess hair net contained in pony tail place hair out of pony tail inside.
Step 3
Lean forward and flip your ponytail and hair net up onto the back and top of your head. Push the hair net to the top of your forehead.
Step 4
While still leaning forward, put your helmet on back to front, settling the bulky base of the pony tail in the back of the harness below the hard shell of the helmet and allowing your hair to fan out slightly
Step 5
While in front of a mirror, adjust the hair net so that it looks neat and everything is contained

Video Below


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