IMG_5348Jamie Skubal started working with horses as a young child with horses owned by her parents. Her lifelong passion for horses has amounted to 10+ years of horse experience in the Quarter Horse (AQHA) industry  and a strong desire to be the very best she can be. After a successful career riding AQHA, Jamie turned her focus to the hunter and dressage rings, where she found a place to shine throughout her college career. She was able to compete with several wonderful mounts through out her career such as: Image of Art(pictured above), Major work of Art (pictured middle), & Z Sonny Pressed (pictured below).

She has won numerous metals in National Snaffle Bit Association (NSBA) and multiple points on horses in AQHA. She has been fortunate enough to have learned from and/or worked for well-known equestrian professionals Micaela Kennedy, Bryan Meyerhoff, Brad Dohm, and Linda McClaren Parkhurst. Jamie hopes to pass on the best of what she has learned from these individuals and many others to her students, using her own unique teaching style. She wants her students to understand the value of being a lifelong learner, because she believes that learning to ride and develop one’s horsemanship skills is a journey that is never over. Being open-minded to various schools of thought and ideas is also important to Jamie, and she wants to teach her students to do the same. Jamie is proud to hold her Bachelor of Science in Equestrian Science from William Woods University.

Jamie  enjoys riding horses and teaching people of all learning styles and abilities, and she will constantly strive to make students  that promote strong work ethic as well as excellence. Jamie also enjoys shooting photography for her students.


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