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Welcome to the lessons page!

I strive to teach horsemanship as well as riding in each lesson. I firmly believe that without knowledge of how to properly care for our phenomenal equine partners, we cannot develop riding skills to the best of our ability. I approach teaching from the view that riding should be fun even when it is hard! With that in mind, I do my best to ensure that lessons are positive and engaging, while still pushing my riders to be their very best. My sense of humor, compassion, and high standards of excellence make lessons a wonderful investment of time and resources for riders from beginner to advanced! I not only want to produce great riders, but also phenomenal horse owners.

$40 per hour private lesson tailored to fit individual goals

Lesson includes learning horsemanship: brushing/ tacking, riding time, cooling/untacking, & questions.

Please contact Jamie via phone (217) 620-4152 or via email through the contact page for availability. The Calendar Page shows Lesson, Shows, and availability.

Boots with heel, pants, and t-shirt are required for safety. The Equine Release can be Printed & Signed by clicking this link.